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Spoil yourself by saving money and being part of a tanning community where you're able to feel your best self! You get the best of the best with a VIP membership at Body Glo Tan.

Exclusive VIP member-only promos: you can reserve your tanning time, save on all your favourite products, save on spray tans, store your lotions with us, and so much more.

Interested in signing up? We’ll go over all the details with you in the salon!

Image by Jernej Graj


15 minute max

Close your eyes and you can imagine you're on a warm, tropical beach.


taxes not included

Image by Jonathan Borba


12 minute max

Experience top of the line comfort with body-contoured acrylics & internal A/C.


taxes not included

Tanned Model


7 minute max

Enjoy the strongest stand-up bed in the Lower Mainland for up to 7 minutes.


taxes not included

  • Skip the line with bed tanning appointments

  • Enjoy 25% off on tanning lotions and after-care

  • Save 25% on custom spray tan sessions

Model in bikini
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