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Think your bronze has gone all the way? Think again! Go beyond bronze and strike gold with Designer Skin’s scientifically designed Defiance™ Tanning Complex. This exclusive complex will help break through your tanning plateau to take color to the next level of darkness, while Ultra-Refined Gold helps provide a dazzling glow only pure gold can provide. Reach for the gold you glow-getter!  


SKU: 054402290248
    • Defiance™ Tanning Complex was expertly designed for experienced tanners utilizing an optimized blend of intensifiers, DHA and Erythrulose to build on existing color, helping breakthrough your tanning plateau
    • Age defying wonder, Hyaluronic Acid, helps promote collagen production and cellular repair to help increase skin elasticity and decrease the appearance of fine lines   
    • Gold of Pleasure Oil contains high levels of Omega-3’s to help leave skin smooth and radiant
    • Ultra-Refined Gold reflects and diffuses light to help blur skin imperfections, while accentuating your tan    

    Fragrance: Gilded Citrus
    Product Actions: Tan Enhancer, DHA Bronzer
    Product Specs: 400mL (13.5 oz)

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