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For a flawless airbrushed look that is worthy of the red carpet, Selfie® Continuous Sunless Spray with Immediate Bronzers provides total coverage, even in the those hard-to-reach areas.


This easy-to-apply sunless tanning spray instantly bronzes the skin, giving you a natural, streak-free tan that deepens within 2-8 hours. It makes random streaks and missed spots a thing of the past. Best of all, the tan will last up to 7 days. You control the darkness of your tan by monitoring the amount time you wait before rinsing off this self-tanning spray.


When you need an awesome tan for a special event but don’t have time to get a spray tan, this instant bronzer will give you a DIY airbrush tan that looks like a million bucks. You’ll get a natural looking tan without having to risk the dangers of sun exposure or wait for an appointment at expensive spas or tanning booths.


Our exclusive fragrance technology virtually eliminates obvious self-tan aroma, giving your skin a light yet clean fragrance with notes of pear, apple, and bergamot and a base of vanilla. This sunless spray provides an instant tan perfect for all skin types.


    • Flawless Airbrushed Tanning Look
    • You Control the Tan Color You Want
    • Darker Tan with Repeated Application
    • Continuous Spray at Any Angle
    • Dries Quickly and Evenly
    • No Smell of Self Tanner Aroma; Vanilla Fragrance
    • Paraben & Cruelty-Free Self-Tanner
    • Salon Proven Formula


    Fragrance: Herbal Fresh
    Product Actions: Self Tanner
    Product Specs: 6oz & 12.5 oz

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