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This replenishing formula is ideal after sun exposure or anytime you need extra hydration. CosmoSun’s aftersun moisturizer utilizes the deeply nourishing natural ingredients Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, and Cucumber in an Aloe Vera based crème designed for results you can see and feel. Relax, replenish, and smooth!


SKU: 813396027113
    • Daily body moisturizer doubles as an aftersun skin hydrator to keep your skin healthy and fresh after a day catching rays!
    • Hypoallergenic, nut-free, wheat-free, and has a vegan formula.
    • Soothing Peppermint & Green Tea.
    • Aloe Vera Crème Gel.

    Fragrance: Sea Salt & Coconut and Sea Salt Breeze
    Product Actions: Moisturizer, After Sun Care
    Product Specs: 200mL (6.76oz)

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