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A classic fan-favorite iFace has one up on the competition! High amounts of melanin intensifiers and low dose bronzers for a darker and longer-lasting result as well as the best anti-aging, firming and skin tightening technologies on the market to ensure you won’t just turn heads, you’ll break necks.


SKU: 812239017892
    • Especially formulated for face, neck, and decolletage
    • An Exclusive, High Tech, Melanocyte Energizing BB Facial Cream
    • Boosted with a Long Lasting Bronzer, Reinforced with MelanoBronze
    • Ideal for all skin types, especially for problem-prone, large pores, and uneven skin
    • Serum Based BB Cream Formula
    • Easy to Use Tube
    • Non-Comedogenic
    • Tested for Sensitivity and Irritancy
    • Vegan Friendly

    Fragrance: Inner Grace
    Product Actions: Tan Enhancer, DHA Bronzer, Facial Bronzer
    Product Specs: 3 US fl. oz. (89 mL)

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