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Selfie® Gradual Tanner with 24-Hour Moisturizers replaces your daily moisturizer while giving you just the hint of a golden, sun-kissed glow with each use.


Infused with Green Tea, Gotu Kola and vitamins A, C and E, Gradual Tanner delivers 24-hour hydration for healthy, radiant skin all day long.


Our exclusive fragrance technology eliminates the tell-tale self-tan aroma, giving you a subtle yet clean fragrance.


    • You Control the Tan Color You Want
    • Enriched with Vitamins C, E & A
    • Green Tea and Kola for Healthy Skin
    • No Smell of Self-Tanner Aroma; Herbal Fragrance
    • Paraben & Cruelty-Free Self-Tanner
    • Salon Proven Formula


    Fragrance: Herbal Fresh
    Product Actions: Self Tanner
    Product Specs: 266mL (9 oz)

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